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Tetra Outcomes is a behavioral health technology company delivering empirically-validated solutions to address the needs of those in substance use treatment programs and the professionals who serve them.  Led by Richard West, PhD, our team of doctors, clinicians, psychometricians, and treatment center executives have developed the preeminent tools for assessing and informing treatment in behavioral and mental health practices.  Dr. West is currently Emeritus Professor at Utah State University and has devoted his career to researching models of behavior support and the development of data tools for behavioral, learning, and programmatic decision-making.  Dr. West’s assessment tools have been used nationwide by more than 3,000 organizations and several hundred thousand respondents.  He previously served as a consultant to Father Flanagan’s Boys’ Home in Boys Town, Nebraska, and has authored six books, 14 chapters, and more than 75 articles in national journals relative to critical conditions for behavioral support.

“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.”

                        — Sherlock Holmes