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Use Tetra Outcomes to comply with the Joint Commission’s accreditation standards!


The Joint Commission has updated its accreditation standard, known as CTS.03.01.09 for behavioral health organizations. Beginning January 1, 2018, all accredited behavioral health care providers must start using client-reported outcome measures to inform their treatment.  The changes place many organizations in jeopardy of losing accreditation unless a suitable solution like Tetra Outcomes is deployed.

Our solution meets all the requirements for the Joint Commission’s accreditation standards.  Organizations that use Tetra Outcomes are able to easily show their accrediting bodies, stakeholders, and payers the measured progress of their clients, as well as client averages across their organizations.


Changes to the Standard CTS.03.01.09

Are You Ready To Assess Outcomes With A Standardized Tool?  Let Tetra Outcomes Help You Comply With The Joint Commission’s Revised Requirements.  Do You Have A Plan In Place To: 

EP 1

use a standardized tool or Instrument to monitor the individual’s progress in achieving his or her care, treatment, or services goals (ideally from the client’s perspective — which is what Tetra Outcomes provides)

EP 2

gather and analyze the data generated through standardized monitoring, and use the results to inform the goals and objectives of the individual’s plan for care, treatment, or services as needed

EP 3

aggregate and analyze the data gathered through the standardized monitoring effort


Only Use The Most Effective Tools

One of the more significant changes to standard is each individual’s data now needs to be aggregated and analyzed. Tetra Outcomes makes this automatic and includes all the other necessary components to meet the updated standards. We work with treatment providers and facilities of all sizes and across the country, ranging from large, well-established clients to brand new facilities and the common thread among all our customers is a deep commitment to using data and client feedback to improve treatment outcomes.

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