Joint Commission Accreditation

Did you know?  As of 2018, all Joint Commission-accredited behavioral health care providers must use client-reported outcome measures to inform their treatment!

Are you Compliant?  Although the Joint Commission started requiring behavioral health providers to monitor patient progress and track outcomes in 2018, many organizations lack the resources to satisfy these requirements. Tetra Outcomes’ innovative tools allow you to comply with the Joint Commission requirements quickly, effortlessly, and inexpensively.  Contact Us today to see why Tetra Outcomes is the right choice for your facility to implement a robust patient feedback system. 

Measurement-Based Care Made Easy

Measurement-based care and patient progress monitoring is no longer a luxury in the behavioral healthcare industry.  Insurance companies and regulatory bodies alike want proof that the treatment services you are providing are effective and have lasting impact. Accrediting bodies like The Joint Commission now require ongoing progress monitoring and outcomes tracking.  We can help you implement a robust platform for proving that treatment provided at your facility makes a difference.

Did you know?  You can know be reimbursed for administering measurement-based care assessments!  Whether you accept private insurance or public assistance only, all payors are now interested in value-based services and want proof that treatment is effective. And, they’re willing to pay for it.  Tetra’s MBC assessments comply with all insurance requirements. And, we can show you how to seek insurance reimbursement for administering such assessments.  Contact us today to ensure that you are offering the best standard of care in the industry . . . and getting paid for doing so!

Ongoing Compliance & Operational Efficiency

Whether your organization is brand new, or whether you’ve been in business for years, complying local, state, and national laws and regulations is paramount.  Unfortunately, many facilities are wonderful at providing help and services to their clients but struggle terribly at paperwork and compliance.  And, with more and more scrutiny in the industry, ongoing compliance is vitalContact Us today to learn how Tetra Outcomes can help you build a culture of data-based decision making and ensure ongoing compliance at your facility. 

Did you know?  Tetra Outcomes is the ONLY accreditation-compliant assessment in the marketplace with its own, proprietary staff satisfaction and operational efficiency assessment. At not additional cost, you’ll be able to collect feedback from staff on all operational conditions at your facility and be able to make changes, in real time, that will allow you to operate more effectively and efficiently. 

NATSAP Therapeutic Schools & Programs

Tetra Outcomes professionals have been working with behavioral healthcare organizations, alternative schools, and therapeutic schools and programs for nearly 20 years.  We have helped facilities and schools develop cutting edge programs based on research and effective principles, and we have helped many programs achieve and maintain accreditation with one of the several national accrediting organizations.

During its Annual Conference in 2020, the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP) announced that all of its members will need to seek and achieve national accreditation by the end of 2022.  Tetra Outcomes’ tools are paramount to satisfying the accreditation requirements, which is why the NATSAP featured Tetra as a preferred vendor on its website.  If you’re a NATSAP program, Contact Us today to learn how we can help you achieve and maintain accreditation with any of the national accreditation organizations.